Considering Divorce?

Considering Divorce?

by markhaslem, December 6, 2015

When you and your spouse make the final decision to divorce, many things will be affected by that choice. You need a dedicated, experienced team to help you identify your goals and objectives—and articulate your important needs to the court. From child custody, visitation, property division and financial support, the Mark F. Haslem PC Team is on your side.


Children and Custody Rights in Michigan Divorce

When you and your spouse make the final decision to divorce, your children will be intimately affected by that choice. Child custody and visitation/parenting time decisions will be made according to the best interests of your children. We will help you identify your own goals and objectives, and articulate your important needs to the court. Where possible, we will help you and your spouse negotiate and agree upon custody determinations and child support.

Marriage Dissolution: Spousal Support and Property Division

At the time of marriage dissolution, you and your spouse will face the difficult and complex task of property division. Even if you do not have significant assets, you may have disputes over the division of savings accounts, real estate, retirement accounts or debt. The firm is experienced in protecting the financial interests of clients in divorce cases involving high asset or complex property division issues, such as business valuations, exposure of marital fraud or hidden assets and other concerns.

Additionally, the firm serves the needs of clients in need of alimony or spousal support, as well as the needs of clients who may be ordered to pay support. We are committed to ensuring that the support payment/obligations (if applicable) reflect the unique situations of each client.

Cost-Effective Advocacy In and Out of Court

We will always take the time to explore your options and alternatives to litigation where possible. With extensive experience in trial and out of court, we know how to work towards lasting solutions for our clients while remaining mindful of the costs and resources expended in the divorce litigation process. When a client chooses to proceed with divorce mediation or other alternative dispute resolution method, such as arbitration, we can explain your rights and advocate for your interests throughout the process. If mediation does not end in a successful divorce settlement, we can protect your rights in the courtroom.

From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your divorce case, Mr. Haslem will remain mindful of your individual interests and long-term goals. We take a comprehensive approach to address your immediate concerns and future objectives.

Divorce can be complex. The Mark F. Haslem PC Team will help you navigate the legal system while defending your rights and the best interests of your family.

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