What is mediation or ADR?

What is mediation or ADR?

by markhaslem, December 6, 2015

The divorce process can be very emotionally draining for everyone involved. The added stress of resentful disputes can cause additional strain that makes the process even more emotionally destructive, particularly if children are involved. Divorce mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can aid in the successful resolution of your divorce in a manner that is respectful and amicable — promoting a healthier post-divorce life for the entire family.

Grand Rapids divorce mediation lawyer Mark F. Haslem can help you understand effective methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and can provide experienced legal guidance and advocacy throughout the process.

Family Law Alternative Dispute Resolution

At Mark F. Haslem, PC, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and interests. When we meet in your initial consultation, we discuss your situation and your goals. We recognize that your divorce strategy must be tailored not only to achieve a successful outcome, but must be devised in a manner that is mindful of your time constraints and financial resources. Our ability to represent clients through alternative dispute resolution enables us to create a strategy that addresses all of your needs.

  • Negotiated divorce settlements Even in an uncontested divorce, it is critical to have your divorce settlement agreement reviewed by an experienced lawyer who can carefully evaluate the agreement and ensure your interests are fully protected. At Mark F. Haslem, PC, we can protect your interests in an uncontested divorce or other family law dispute through effective review, negotiation or drafting of property settlement, child custody arrangements and other agreements. We develop comprehensive and creative solutions that are tailored to your situation.
  • Divorce mediation Divorce mediation is a legal process facilitated by a neutral third party — the mediator — who attempts to bring both sides to an agreement. The mediator does not take sides or provide legal advice. Without experienced counsel through the mediation process, you could unintentionally make concessions that are not in your best interests or could be taken advantage of by your spouse. Mr. Haslem can provide you with the legal advice and advocacy necessary to make informed decisions through the mediation process. Mediation allows you to maintain control over the decisions made, rather than allowing someone else to make important decisions that affect your family
  • Divorce arbitration Divorce arbitration is similar to a trial. However, in arbitration, rather than presenting the case before a judge, both sides of the case are presented before an arbitrator (a neutral party — frequently a retired judge or lawyer) who will render an impartial decision. Divorce arbitration is beneficial because it is usually much quicker than a traditional litigated divorce in a courtroom. We have the experience to present your case professionally and effectively before the arbitrator.

With nearly 20 years of legal experience, we are equipped to provide ADR representation in matters involving divorce and all other family law concerns, such as post-divorce modifications.

In addition to providing effective legal counsel in alternative dispute resolution of family law disputes, Mark F. Haslem, PC also handles mediation and arbitration cases involving employment law and other legal issues.

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