As you go through your divorce, you may find yourself in multiple disagreements with your spouse. Between dividing your property, deciding on child and spousal support and figuring out custody, your divorce can quickly become a battle.

But when you share children, you and your former spouse will want to make sure they stay protected from your divorce. Even if you can’t agree on anything else, keeping the peace around your children can ease the strain that divorce puts on them. Here are a few ways you and your former spouse can stay civil about your children:

  • Communication is key – You and your former spouse will have to communicate about your children. You can find ways that work best for you. You may be fine talking on the phone. Or you may prefer to text or email.
  • Plan for financial needs – Your children can have many extra expenses. The parent that pays more for these extras may feel frustrated that the other parent doesn’t chip in. If you both keep track of expenses, you can make sure that each parent pays an equal amount.
  • Agree on rules and routines – If you and your former spouse can keep rules consistent in each household, you can maintain stability in your children’s lives. Having a consistent structure can help your child cope with the sudden change of divorce.
  • Apps can help you coordinate time – Your children may sleep over at friends’ houses. Or you may have planned a vacation that dips into your former spouse’s custody time. Parenting applications, or apps, for your phone can help you share a calendar with your ex. If there is any change to the regular custody or visitation arrangement, you can plan it so that your former spouse is aware.

Sharing custody with your ex-spouse will not be easy. But by keeping your children’s best interests in mind, you can both work together to co-parent successfully.