Your children have always been good about the custody schedule that you set up, but it’s recently seemed like they’ve grown out of it. You have found that they often want to go to friends’ houses near your ex-spouse’s home or have after-school activities that make it difficult for you to see them regularly.

This kind of situation is fairly normal for divorced parents. As your children get older, they will become more independent and have more to do at school and in extracurricular classes. These activities can all impact your child’s schedule and make it necessary to discuss modifications in your custody schedule.

How can you bring up changing custody with your ex-spouse?

If you’re seeing changes in how often you see your kids because of their activities, there’s a chance that your ex-spouse sees those changes, too. Many people are able to sit down together and rearrange their custody schedule to provide both parents with more access to their children on the days when they have time to be a part of school activities or events. For example, if you have evenings off, but your ex-spouse currently has a neighbor or family member pick up your children and take them back to their home until they can get home a few hours later, you might suggest stepping in and having your children through the week. That way, you’ll be there to take them to school and pick them up.

Similarly, if your ex-spouse is coaching one of your children’s teams through the weekend, you might want to look into visiting during sporting events and then having more time with your kids throughout the week. Your attorney can help you seek a modification or submit paperwork on an agreed modification to the court.