Custody & Child Support

Custody & Child Support

by markhaslem, December 6, 2015

Custody and financial support before, during and after a divorce can be of grave concern for all parties. Disputes between parties most deeply affect the lives of the children. For courts, custody and child support issues involve a careful consideration of the individual circumstances of each case in light of the best interests of the children.

At Mark F. Haslem PC, we offer experienced advocacy from a team highly experienced with child custody, visitation rights, and child support.

Protecting Your Rights and the Best Interests of Your Children

In making child custody determinations, the court will assess factors within the framework of what is in the best interests of the child. They will consider where the child currently resides or attends school, which parent is currently the primary caretaker of the child, and other factors that will determine who will have primary custody and whether parents will take joint custody of the child or children. It is important to understand your rights and potential obligations before entering a custody dispute.

We will aggressively advocate for your interests while seeking the best outcome for your family. We can represent you in a child custody dispute involving:

  • Protecting access to your child
  • Establishing a visitation or parenting time schedule
  • Modifications to existing custody orders
  • Relocation of custodial parent
  • Enforcement of a custody or visitation order
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Custody involving a paternity dispute

Experienced, Sound Guidance Focused on Workable Solutions

We provide solution-driven legal representation, sound guidance and a deep knowledge of court processes. Attorney Mark F. Haslem can help you understand how the law impacts your life, and will offer creative solutions designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives through the legal system. For more information about our services and to learn more about safeguarding your interests, please contact us as soon as possible.

Protecting Your Rights to Child Support

Child support determinations will be based on child support guidelines that consider the income of both parties, the standard of living before the divorce, the needs of the child and other pertinent factors. If you are facing a divorce and have custody of your child, we will take a strategic approach to maximize your opportunities to collect child support. We can also help you seek enforcement actions in the event that you are owed child support from your former spouse.

Child Support Modifications

A modification to child support may be available in the event of a significant change in circumstances that requires an increase or decrease to child support obligations. As your attorney, Mark F. Haslem will aggressively assert your rights to increase or decrease obligations based on your needs.

If you have suffered a job loss, serious injury, or other circumstances preventing you from paying child support, you should seek counsel to obtain a modification as soon as possible. Without a modification, you may face serious penalties, including criminal charges.

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